Somai (was: Appropriately "Wait and See")

Michael E Kerpan Jr. kerpan
Wed Feb 23 19:00:40 EST 2005

On Wednesday 23 February 2005 09:24, mike.estes at wrote:

> I will  be curious to hear your response to this Somai film. I did not
> enjoy it at all, and in fact, had to force my itchy fast-forward-finger to
> remain calm. I do hope you order it and enjoy it, as I would appreciate a
> reasoned defense from an admirer. It may simply be that I do not "see" in
> Somai what others do, or it may be that I have not seen the films that made
> him "The best Japanese director of the 80's."

I've only seen one Somai film so far -- Ohikkoshi (Moving) --  and I would
rank this as a masterpiece.  I have heard very good things about "Typhoon
Club" and plan to get this eventually (but keep hoping for a subbed release).
"Ah haru" (Wait and See) and "Kaza hana" are not reputed to be as good as
either of these earlier films.


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