Akiko Sugawa a-sugawa-8
Mon Jun 6 08:56:44 EDT 2005

Hello!  I just joined this mailing list.  I've been doing some research
on Japanese TV animation programs for girls since the 1960s.  Especially
I'm interested in some gender issues in the so-called magical girls
Anime such as Maho Tsukai Sally, Himitsu no Akko-chan, Majokko
Megu-chan, Minky Momo, Sailor Moon, and Ojamajo Doremi(J).

I'm really looking forward to hearing and sharing many thoughts.
Thank you so much.


Name: Akiko Sugawa
Institutional affiliation or employment: Keio University (part-time
City and country: Tokyo, Japan
Research projects or publications:
The Functions of Gynoids in Innocence (2005) article
Interests with regard to Japanese film and moving image media:
gender issues in Anime since the 1960s

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