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Michael McCaskey mccaskem
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I have now watched Chi to hone--both the regular DVD and the special features DVD. There are some Japanese subtitles now and then, when someone says something in Korean--but the actors playing Korean residents in Japan speak in Japanese to each other most of the time. Many of the subtitles are just for isolated occasional words or phrases used in Korean, put in for verisimilitude now and then.

There is a 3-volume manga version of the original novel in Japanese, but the scenes, plot, ending, etc., tend to vary from the movie. There's also the original big two-volume novel itself. But the best source to work with to get a better understanding of the movie in detail is Eiga "Chi to hone" no sekai, which contains the whole scenario/shooting script in Japanese on pages 86-191, so you can study the lines selectively and at leisure, figure out more clearly who all the characters are, etc. The ISBN for the book is 4-88400-042-0, C0074, and the list price is 1800 yen.

If someone does know of a DVD version with English subtitles, that would be wonderful, esp. for teaching US students about the film. Until then, this Japanese scenario is probably the best alternative resource.

I apologize for the delay. I watched the film and looked over the various books before answering. One suggestion is that it's better to buy the lower cost DVD package--the extra DVD in the costly one is mostly focused on the lives and personalities of the director and actors, with some info about their personal experiences and interactions as they made the film--mostly a fan bonus, I think.

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> Dear All
> Does anybody know where I can get a dvd of Sai Yoichi's
> 'Chi to hone (Blood and Bone) with English subtitle?
> Mika Ko
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