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Sat May 7 02:56:27 EDT 2005

Big omedeto to KineJapan member Antonio Santos, who has just published 
a major book on Ozu. It's a hefty book based on his dissertation, 
covers all of Ozu's extant films, and also has a multi-language 
bibliography on the filmmaker.

Here is a rough translation of the cover copy:

Ozu could hardly suppose that, forty years after his death, he would 
become  one of the Japanese Filmmakers  more esteemed in the West, 
where he is considered as one of the greatest filmmakers in the world. 
After the celebration of his first centennial, the art and the memory 
of Yasujiro Ozu stay deeply alive. Finally he got the fame, out of his 
country, when he could not avoid it.
Despite his increasing prestige, and the admiration for his work, Ozu 
remains as the most unknown of all the great filmmakers. This book  
studies, for the first time, all the extant filmography of this 
outstanding artist. Avoiding the mystic interpretations as well as the 
excesive formalism often used in the  comments of his films, this essay 
tries to understand Ozu´s work as a cultural achievement of his time.

Yasujiro Ozu : elogio del silencio (In praise of Silence)
ISBN: 84-376-2231-X

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