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daniel gerber buntesteine at web.de
Tue May 17 20:14:34 EDT 2005

Good morning everybody,

this is only for those of you, who live in Japan.

Maybe everybody knew and I am the last to discover, but: Did you know, that "Chanel Neco" has Japanese movies nearly every day in its programme? And not only boring stuff but really good films too! I espacially can recommend the sunday road show with movies like "Senjou no Merry Christmas" or "Tengoku ni ichiban chikai shima". Than they have a series called "Shin Nikkatsu" and other stuff. Sometimes they have specials on a director like this month on Suzuki Seijun. Besides the Japanese they show some other Asian movies. Have a look at the website: www.necoweb.com

Cheers, Daniel.

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