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Aaron Gerow aaron.gerow
Mon May 2 16:49:58 EDT 2005

Begin forwarded message:
> From: Susan Morrison <smorr at the-wire.com>
> This is a ' call for papers' for issue #68  of CineAction, an
> international film journal published 3 times a year in Toronto,
> Canada. The theme for this issue is Natural Born Killers.   The
> issue's scope is broad, and intended to cover not just the obvious ,
> in homage to Oliver Stone's film, a focus on the American obsession
> with violence and death as evidenced by American cinema both
> mainstream and independent, past and present; but also possible
> explorations of the impact of the democratization of imagemaking,
> where the proliferation and popularization of digital cameras, both
> still and video, have enabled everyone to both frame and expose their
> own manufactured horrors, from the US soldiers at Abu Ghraib to Iraqi
> terrorist executions, both available on the internet for downloading
> in  the privacy of your own home. In extension, Natural Born Killers
> also refers beyond America's borders, as other national cinemas
> (Korea and Japan, to name two), have also produced an inordinate
> number of films about death and horror.
> Papers should be submitted in hard copy only, mailed directly to
> Susan Morrison, the editor of this issue. Once accepted for
> publication, the paper will then be emailed as a file attachment.
> The deadline for submission is Sept 1, 2005.  It would be appreciated
> if a brief proposal be submitted as early as possible as an
> indication of intention to submit.
> A style guide will be emailed on request.
> Please address all queries and submissions to the issue's editor:
>  Susan Morrison
> 314 Spadina Road
> Toronto On
> Canada M5R 2V6
> email: smorr at the-wire.com

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