TIFF Awards

Eija Margit Niskanen emniskanen at wisc.edu
Tue Nov 1 09:50:51 EST 2005

> From Mark Schilling's Japan Times review:

> One film I truly couldn't stick was Yosuke Nakagawa's "Starlit High 
> Noon"
> (Mahiru no Seiku), an empty exercise in piss-elegant noir starring Wang
> Leehom as a young Taiwanese hitman inexplicably hiding out in Okinawa, 
> where
> he encounters and falls for an older woman, played by Kyoka Suzuki, 
> who uses
> the same Laundromat. Though male model handsome, Wang is no actor -- 
> and
> Suzuki, the best Japanese actress of her generation, blows him off the
> screen.
> Other than its co-production deal, this film has little reason to 
> exist --
> save for Suzuki's
> one-woman, wasted-on-empty-space performance.
> I found this film truly boring, and I think it is just a poor copy of 
> Wong Karwaiesque a hooligan longing for love -type of story.

And I agree with you on Suzuki Kyoka. Actually she is the only 
contemporary actress, who has the same kind of screen presence than the 
actresses in, say, Naruse's or Ozu's films.


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