Kurosawa's LOFT

Tom Mes china_crisis at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 1 18:46:35 EST 2005

>There's also a new Kurosawa Kiyoshi horror film in the works, called Loft 
>(Shi no otome). I'm not sure >if this is even finished yet

>From what I hear it's been finished for quite a while. They apparently tried 
to get it into Cannes and failed, then tried Venice and failed there too. I 
guess they're scratching their heads about how best to launch it now. I for 
one am very curious to see it in any way, shape or form.
Incidentally, Kurosawa already finished up another film in the meantime, 
called HAMELIN, a French/Japanese co-production, with a story based on the 
Pied Piper tale. And PULSE / KAIRO is finally getting released in US cinemas 
this month too (the original that is, the remake's scheduled for March next 

And since we've been discussing eyecatching new films, allow me to add my 
strongest recommendation for Hiroki Ryuichi's IT'S ONLY TALK / YAWARAKAI 
SEIKATSU, which will be playing at Filmex later this month. A sort of 
semi-sequel to VIBRATOR (dealing with very similar topics and with the 
wonderful Terashima Shinobu again in the lead), this is one of the best 
films I've seen all year.


Midnight Eye

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