Covert dissent in wartime cinema - suggestions?

Samuel Alanson Turner samuelt at
Thu Nov 3 02:24:46 EST 2005

Hey all.  Been lurking for a few years and I believe this is my first 
post.  In any case, hello!

I'm working on a paper that focuses on the use of certain genres of film 
as vehicles for covert protest/dissent during the 30s and 40s - 
specifically films adapted from established novels (jun-bungaku 
film/bungei-eiga) and films about children.  Just wondering if anyone has 
any suggestions for books or articles that deal with this sort of thing.. 
the only thing I have on queue to take a look at besides more general 
texts about Japanese film is Peter High's "The Imperial Screen", but even 
that one is mostly about propaganda/state films, no?

For a more concrete idea of what I'm talking about, I mean films like 
Uchida Tomu's "Earth", Toyoda Shiro's "Crybaby Apprentice", and any of the 
numerous Tanizaki adaptations from the 30s.  That said, recommendations 
for texts on "tendency films" would also be useful and appreciated.
   -Sam Turner

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