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Dear Professor Yoshimoto,

I apologize for my rather belated response, but is there still any room left
for the KC VI symposium?  Since I¹ve been missing so many KCs meetings with
chagrin and also I¹m curious about how everyone turn their writing into a
publishable product, I would like to join this one.  Please let me know
about the current situation of seats availability.  Thank you very much.

P.S. By the way, I¹m planning to finish writing my dissertation draft by the
end of this year while .

On 10/24/05 8:43 AM, "Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto" <my15 at> wrote:

> Conference Announcement:
> Kinema Club VI Symposium will be held on December 10th at NYU. The confirmed
> speakers are: Chika Kinoshita (U of Chicago), Markus Nornes (U of Michigan),
> Jinsoo An (NYU), and Jonathan Hall (UC Irvine). The papers will be made
> available to interested participants a few weeks before the symposium. The
> idea is that everybody will read the pre-distributed texts in advance and give
> the presenters concrete feedbacks and advice which would help their
> publication effort. In addition to these four seminars, we¹re also planning to
> have an informal roundtable on various issues related to academic publication
> on Japanese film (and East Asian cinema). We¹re very much interested in
> hearing from people who have any specific topics or questions for the
> roundtable. Please stay tuned for more details, including the papers¹ titles
> and symposium schedule.
> Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto (my15 at
> Mark Nornes (amnornes at

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