Oshidori utagassen DVD

M Arnold ma_iku at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 4 11:19:25 EST 2005

I just went to the Nikkatsu web site to see if I could find more info about 
the new Suzuki Seijun and Fujita Toshiya DVDs I keep seeing at Tsutaya, and 
was surprised to learn that the company is releasing Oshidori utagassen on 
DVD on December 9. It looks like there will be two versions, a 6,300 yen 
limited edition and a 3,990 yen regular edition. The limited edition comes 
with a booklet and a bonus disc including Makino's 1934, 51min Awadatsu 
seishun (apparently a promotion film he made for Sapporo beer--the JMDB has 
almost no info on it) and a 112 minute interview with Makino and Sawai 
Shinichiro from 1988.

The Nikkatsu page also says that Oshidori utagassen will play the late show 
at the Euro Space "Shinkan" in January. Unfortunately they're screening a 
"digitally remastered blu-ray disc" of the movie, not film.


So is Euro Space building a new theater? If so I hope it will be better than 
the current one . . .

Michael Arnold 

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