Oshidori utagassen DVD

M Arnold ma_iku at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 22 09:07:48 EST 2005

From: "Alexander Jacoby" <a_p_jacoby at yahoo.co.uk>
>the fact that the covers all had titles in English as well as Japanese. 
>Could this possibly signify that they actually have English subtitles, or 
>is that too much to hope for?

I've seen a number of the Nikkatsu DVDs, and while many of them do have 
English titles on the covers ('official' English titles or newly invented 
ones, I'm not sure) as far as I've seen none have English subtitles.

Some have Japanese subs though. Taiyo e no dasshutsu ("Escape Into Terror") 
has Japanese subtitles for Yujiro's lines in English. The DVDs for 
Yamanaka's Kochiyama Soshun and Hyakuman ryo no tsubo are Japanese-subbed as 

Michael Arnold

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