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Aaron Gerow gerowaaron
Sun Nov 6 18:17:30 EST 2005

On 2005.11.6, at 04:57  PM, Mark Nornes wrote:

> The Routledge Encyclopedia of Docoumentary Film is just out, a huge 
> three volume set. You'll find a number of essays on Japanese 
> documentary, many by your friends on KineJapan. They include Japanese 
> Film (Nornes), Japan: Newsreels (Aaron Gerow), Ogawa Productions 
> (Nornes), Iwasaki Akira (Fujiki Hideaki), Prokino (Jeff Isaacs), 
> Kawase Naomi (Gerow), Tokyo Olympiad (Nornes), Kamei Fumio (Nornes), 
> Tsuchimoto Noriaki (Richard Suchenski), Ichikawa Kon (Ronald Wilson). 
> I think that's all of them.

I also wrote one on Koreeda.

Let me add that, following Markus, I was one that also complained to 
them about their poor choice of entries. It does remind me that only 
with multiple voices can some of these institutions (and encyclopedias 
are institutions) be moved. I do hope that sometimes KineJapan can help 
mobilize such pressure.

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