Article on Oshima

Junko Tanaka jinkotan
Mon Nov 14 10:19:22 EST 2005

Hi all,

I found an article on the recent Oshima Nagisa in a publication probably 
few in the list subscribe to, and thought it's worth sharing. I've 
uploaded the article for those who can read Japanese.
Go to and see "on_Oshima" (pdf)
I'll have the file available until the end of this month.

The article is about a taidan between the wives of Oshima Nagisa and 
Nosaka Akiyuki the writer, on how to care their brain-damaged partners. 
For me, it was a bit of a shock to see him in a wheelchair.

Title: "Otto o kaigo suru" (Caring for Husbands)
Publication: Tsuuhan seikatsu, no. 224. Published by Catalog House, 
Tokyo. pp. 70-76.

What the article says about Oshima:
- Oshima, now 73, was struck with a cerebral hemorrhage 9 years ago in 
London, right after initiating the production of "Gohatto"
- After three months in hospital, he managed to finish "Gohatto" and was 
able to attend the Cannes FF in 2000
- His is paralyzed on his right, and suffers from aphasia (therefore 
receives the level-5 social aid)
- Koyama Akiko, actress and wife of Oshima since 1960, occasionally 
gives lectures on nursing care while attending to all his personal needs

(Could someone point out if there's any translation mistakes please?)

It's very very sad to learn these things, and to realize we cannot hope 
for another film from Oshima.

Junko Tanaka, Tokyo

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