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Aaron Gerow aaron.gerow
Thu Nov 17 13:33:42 EST 2005

In a curious project, the Directors Guild of Japan (chair: Sai Yoichi), 
has decided to produce its own film, titled Eiga kantoku tte nan da!,  
in commemoration of its 70th anniversary. It will be directed by Ito 
Shunya, but will feature the involvement of about 90 of the DGJ's 580 
members. It will thus feature an amalgam of scenes and genres, 
including documentary, period film, etc. For instance, they will take 
one scene from Gosho Heinosuke's Entotsu no mieru basho and have three 
directors, Suzuki Seijun, Hayashi Kaizo, and Motoki Katsuhide film it 
in different ways. Directors such as Wakamatsu Koji and Sakamoto Junji 
will appear as actors. The actress Koizumi Kyoko will also appear as a 
benshi, and Oshima Nagisa (former chair of the DGJ) is supposed to 
appear in one form or another (no word on his current state of health).

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