CJS Reprint Series: new address / Prokino news

Mark Nornes amnornes
Thu Nov 17 14:42:09 EST 2005

I've been getting quite a few emails asking why my reprint series of  
Japanese film materials disappeared. Turns out the press moved it to a  
new server behind my back. So for the record, here's a new address for  
your bookmarks:


At the same time, I still meet people on this list who missed the  
announcement of this site. Do check it out. There are a couple  
important monographs in English, a small but interesting pot of  
documents about the genbaku  eiga, and a huge collection of archival  
materials from left-wing film movements (including many Prokino films).  
I've been using this site for teaching this year and it's been  
fun----doing Prokino with archival materials, returning to Burch...

By the way, there are movements afoot to throw a modest event built  
around the proletarian lit and film movements of the 20s-30s. I'll be  
talking about Prokino, and there'll be a few other interesting people  
talking as well. Specifics will be out in a couple days. It'll be April  
5, at Berkeley, just before AAS. Mark your calendars and extend your  
AAS trip and join us!  I'll send more when it becomes available.


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