children consuming electronic technology in Japanese films?

Christophe Thouny cthouny
Mon Nov 21 04:15:41 EST 2005

There's also the TV Drama and Movie version, TOYD, by Mori
(if i'm not wrong). An interesting suspense story taking
the disfunctional Japanese Family/Youth as its subject and
mixing up old and new technologies (the humanoid-baby pet
robot and the cyberspace keitai mode of
control-communication). A nightmare Japanese version of

Christophe Thouny

--- Greg Johnson <gsjohnson at> wrote:

> Would anybody have suggestions for film images of
> Japanese children using
> electronic stuff, particularly as entertainment?  Ozu?s
> Ohayo on television
> & Nakata?s Ringu for video come to mind.  There are
> scenes in Koreeda?s
> Daremo shiranai at a game parlor and with a TV game. I
> would be very
> grateful for any advice.
> Greg Johnson
> Comparative Culture
> Otsuma Women?s University
> Tokyo


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