children consuming electronic technology in Japanese films? tetsuwan
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Seems to me you all can probably see from the myriad of responses that the topic might be a bit overbroad. There's enough meat here on keitai and youth culture in film for a small book it seems. 

Don't know if anyone has mentioned the pivotal role the PS2 played in DARE MO SHIRANAI

How old were the kids in PULSE?

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Very useful in this respect is Ichikawa Jun's NO LIFE KING (1989) about video games and urban legends. In the film a group of boys acquire the latest version of the video game "The Legend of the Lif King IV" which rumors say is cursed. All those who fail to finish will die. The sudden dead of their school principal while delivering a diatribe against video games, confirms in the eyes of the boys the curse. 

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Would anybody have suggestions for film images of Japanese children using electronic stuff, particularly as entertainment?  Ozu?s Ohayo on television & Nakata?s Ringu for video come to mind.  There are scenes in Koreeda?s Daremo shiranai at a game parlor and with a TV game. I would be very grateful for any advice.  

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