Takeshi Sato

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Here's the JMDB page:


According to JMDB, he directed twenty nine films (and assistant directed 
seven others) between 1932 and 1957. JMDB says his first film as director 
was a four reel silent for Shochiku Kamata, Kakute denen wa kagayaku, 1932. 
I've got the Nikkatsu DVD for the 1955 Surabaya Denka, but the data on the 
DVD says Sato debuted with Chocolate and Soldiers, went freelance in 1952 
and became active directing documentaries and educational films in his late 
50s. The last film the DVD lists is Watashitachi no shugaku ryoko: Nara 
Kyoto, from 1961. The DVD says he was born on April 13, 1903, but died on 
December 8, 1978.

Michael Arnold

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> Dear all,
> Can anyone tell me anything about Takeshi Sato, director of Chocolate and 
> Soldiers. I've tried to look him up on the JMDB, but since I don't know 
> what kanji he used for "Takeshi", I don't know what to enter (and I'm 
> using a non-Japanese search engine, so I have to copy and paste kanji from 
> other documents!). Anyway, what I want to know is basically - dates of 
> birth and death; span of career; apart from Chocoreto to Heitai, do other 
> of his films survive; lastly, has anyone seen others and does anyone think 
> that they are any good?
>  Best,
>  ALEX 

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