New Version of Glass Enclosure: Tokyo Invisible

naguib_razak naguib_razak
Sun Nov 27 11:44:12 EST 2005

Dear friends at KineJapan,

I hope you won't mind if I take this opportunity to
plug my film a little bit. 

Glass Enclosure: Tokyo Invisible, will be showing at
the International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam
this week in their ParaDocs/Let's You and Him Fight
special programme for visual artists. For those of you
who are within the vicinity of Amsterdam, please come
to the screenings.

The film was also in the International Film Festival
Mannheim-Heidelberg last week, in their Cinema as Art
section with 8 screenings, but I've been so busy
making ends meet that I've let the film down a bit in
terms of publicity.  

Some of you might have heard that the film was in the
International Competitions in Taiwan IDF, It's All
True IDFF (Sao Paulo & Rio de Janeiro), and Documenta
Madrid IDFF some months back. Since then, I've
shortened the film to 80 mins (International Version)
and looking to push the film further and broaden its

It is a part personal documentary, part experimental
film, and a personal letter to Tokyo city. 

For those of you who are interested to know more about
the film, please take a look at the flyer. It has a
nice comment from Donald Richie, who have seen the

Warmest regards,
Mohd Naguib Razak

P/s I've also attached a review by Taipei Times.

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