Jim Harper jimharper666
Sun Sep 4 07:34:33 EDT 2005

I think I saw that one, but I don't know where you could find a copy. Good luck!
Jim Harper.

Bernardi-Buralli <dburall1 at> wrote:
Hello Kjers,

I'm looking for a VHS (or DVD if there is one) of a BBC TV documentary on
Godzilla history that originally aired in 1998 in UK. It's listed on as 39 min., with interviewees listed: various Japanese Godzilla
series cast and crew, Alex Cox, Dean Devlin, Stuart Galbraith IV, etc. The merchandise available links all seem to be for GODZILLA KOM (1956)
proper, at least the US link is definitely (I can't tell for the Canada

Somewhere I came across an interview with fellow Kinejapaner Jonathan
Clements indicating he did some translation work for this --

Can anyone give me any leads on a copy for sale?

thanks! I've googled myself into oblivion.

Joanne Bernardi
U Rochester 

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