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Sun Sep 4 12:09:18 EDT 2005

I saw Takeshis? last week and it is no surprise for me that the film is
recieved so poorly at Venice. 


It is Kitano?s most personal film to date, his most fragmented and
deconstructed in narrative and his most bold and accomplished film as a
director. As a Kitano film, it is a masterpiece.


As a film film, it is without any obvious storyline, except for some brief
moments in the first third of the film, dealing with superstar Beat who
meets his doppelg?nger Kitano, but then goes into a very complex array of
elliptic patterns, where one word, image or cut takes the next cut, scene
and frame.


Kitano himself acknowledges this and told me, that the film took a life of
its own, especially since he began to improvise during shooting. He also
suggests that viewers don?t think or attempt understanding what they are
watching, but just let it soak in, and then after a later second viewing
begin to analyse.


I have just posted my brief interview with Kitano and my first thoughts on
elements contained in the film on my site:




<http://www.kitanotakeshi.com/index.php?content=resources&id=82> &id=82




www.kitanotakeshi.com <http://www.kitanotakeshi.com/> 


PS: As I just posted the new site (now php vs. only html prior), I have
accidently deleted a huge part of my images, so until Im backup, there are
no posters in the filmography.

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