Yamagata Film Fest - fly to Yamagata for 20,000en (round trip!)

Wei Ting Jen intewig
Sat Sep 24 09:44:21 EDT 2005

Hi everyone,

Am trying to make use of JAL's special offer - fly with a friend (up to 4
people max), you get 5000miles off and your friend gets to fly for 20,000en
(round trip is usually 45,000en)

This is an excellent, excellent deal. Catches: you have to fly from Osaka
Airport (since that's where I'm flying from, though you can try to convince
me otherwise...), and we have to coordinate schedules.

Please e-mail ASAP if interested as we have till...Monday I think? to book
tickets. Have to book one week in advance.

Wei Ting
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