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Silke Harbodt s.harbodt at
Fri Dec 8 07:32:38 EST 2006


my name is Silke Harbodt,
I'm a student at University Leipzig
in Leipzig, Germany.
I'm working on a thesis about the cinematic representation of the Nanking massacre in Japan right now.

I know there've been three movies produced and shown in China: Massacre in Nanjing (Luo Guanqun, 1987), Black Sun: The Nanjing Massacre (T.F. Mou, 1995) and Don't cry, Nanking (Wu Ziniu, 1995). What I'm interested in now is, if these films have been shown in Japan as well, and if so, how the reactions of the public, government etc. looked like and how the films were reviewed.

I'm glad about any kind of information.

Thanks a lot,
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