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I've been wondering if Riben guizi is out on DVD in America. Any idea?


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At least "China: Massacre in Nanjing" and "Don't Cry, Nanking" have been 
released in Japan - the former under the title "Nankin chi no akasu" in 
1995, the latter under the title "Nankin 1937" in 1998. "Black Sun: The 
Nanjing Massacre" is sceduled to be released on DVD this month (December 22) 
and the DVD announcement states that this will be the first release in 
Of the three films "Don't Cry, Nanking" certainly got the most attention, 
since it was released at about the same time the revisionistic film "Pride" 
hit the cinemas. Both films were diametrically opposed and both caused 
heated controversies. The campaign against "Don't Cry, Nanking" reached its 
climax on June 6, 1998, when a Japanese right wing slashed the screen of the 
Yokohama cinema that was showing the film. A similar incident had happened 
11 years earlier with Hara Kazuo's documentary "Yuki Yukite Shingun".
Kimata Junji, the manager of the Nagoya based Cinema Skhole (which by the 
way is owned by "left wing" director Wakamatsu Koji), gives a vivid and 
detailed account of the reception of "Don't Cry, Nanking" in the film 
magazine Eiga Geijutsu Nr.386 (Winter 1998) which features a tokushu 
dedicated to the films "Pride" and "Don't Cry, Nanking". There you will find 
more about the Japanese reaction to the film.
A film you should also look for is Matsui Minoru's "Riben guizi" (2001). In 
this documentary former soldiers of the Imperial Army tell about the 
indiscriminate murders, rapes, tortures and other crimes they commited in 
China (including Nanking). The Japanese distributor of the film, Image 
Forum, feared another assault of the right wing and contracted a special 
insuance for their screen, but their fears turned out to be unjustified. 
They got some threats, but nothing serious happened.

Roland Domenig
Institute of East Asian Studies
Vienna University

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my name is Silke Harbodt,
I'm a student at University Leipzig
in Leipzig, Germany.
I'm working on a thesis about the cinematic representation of the Nanking 
massacre in Japan right now.

I know there've been three movies produced and shown in China: Massacre in 
Nanjing (Luo Guanqun, 1987), Black Sun: The Nanjing Massacre (T.F. Mou, 
1995) and Don't cry, Nanking (Wu Ziniu, 1995). What I'm interested in now 
is, if these films have been shown in Japan as well, and if so, how the 
reactions of the public, government etc. looked like and how the films were 

I'm glad about any kind of information.

Thanks a lot,
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