DVD Rentals, Osaka Edition

Wei Ting Jen intewig
Tue Dec 12 09:07:36 EST 2006

Ooh, my old hometown. Planet Library? in Umeda is definitely the best
independent collection, as I'm sure many on this list can attest to.
However, the owner Yasuda-san (?? not sure if I remember correctly)
decided to close down the past year for recataloguing, etc etc, but it
is scheduled to reopen again soon. I don't actually know the details
because I spent several months trying to track the place down, only to
bump into Yasuda-san at a film festival and learn that he had closed
the place down temporarily to reorganise. Too bad!

Also if you have time you should check out Ikeda-Bunko about 10
minutes walk from Hankyu Ikeda station. It was set up by the founder
of Hankyu, specialises in books/sources/videos  on the performing
arts, main focus is Takarazuka but has a fairly interesting collection
of film books/videos/other sources. The grounds are charming and the
place has a rather intriguing air about it. To be honest it reminded
me of the library in Murakami's Kafka on the Shore.

hope this helps,
wei ting

On 12/12/06, Tom B. <Tom.Bayles at pomona.edu> wrote:
>    Hi all,
>       Everyone had such fantastic suggestions for Tokyo DVD rental
> shops at Mitch Cullin's behest, so I thought I'd ask and see if
> anyone knew of anywhere esoteric and interesting in my soon-to-be
> home, Osaka. Anywhere in the city is fine...where's good to go?
>       Many thanks in advance,
>    -Tom.
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