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Silke Harbodt s.harbodt
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Hi there,

I found a hint to a review of "Nanking 1937" written by Kasahara Tokushi and published in Shukan Kinyobi on April 24 1998 (No. 216, p. 42). Unfortunately, I can't get hands on it. Does anybody have it and can send it to me via email?
That would be very helpful for me.

Thanks a lot,

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> At least "China: Massacre in Nanjing" and "Don?t Cry, Nanking" have been
> released in Japan ? the former under the title "Nankin chi no akasu" in
> 1995, the latter under the title "Nankin 1937" in 1998. "Black Sun: The
> Nanjing Massacre" is sceduled to be released on DVD this month (December 22) and
> the DVD announcement states that this will be the first release in Japan. 
> Of the three films "Don?t Cry, Nanking" certainly got the most attention,
> since it was released at about the same time the revisionistic film
> "Pride" hit the cinemas. Both films were diametrically opposed and both caused
> heated controversies. The campaign against "Don?t Cry, Nanking" reached its
> climax on June 6, 1998, when a Japanese right wing slashed the screen of
> the Yokohama cinema that was showing the film. A similar incident had
> happened  11 years earlier with Hara Kazuo?s documentary "Yuki Yukite Shingun". 
> Kimata Junji, the manager of the Nagoya based Cinema Skhole (which by the
> way is owned by "left wing" director Wakamatsu Koji), gives a vivid and
> detailed account of the reception of "Don?t Cry, Nanking" in the film
> magazine Eiga Geijutsu Nr.386 (Winter 1998) which features a tokushu dedicated to
> the films "Pride" and "Don?t Cry, Nanking". There you will find more about
> the Japanese reaction to the film. 
> A film you should also look for is Matsui Minoru's "Riben guizi" (2001).
> In this documentary former soldiers of the Imperial Army tell about the
> indiscriminate murders, rapes, tortures and other crimes they commited in China
> (including Nanking). The Japanese distributor of the film, Image Forum,
> feared another assault of the right wing and contracted a special insuance
> for their screen, but their fears turned out to be unjustified. They got some
> threats, but nothing serious happened. 
> Roland Domenig
> Institute of East Asian Studies
> Vienna University
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> Hi,
> my name is Silke Harbodt,
> I'm a student at University Leipzig
> in Leipzig, Germany.
> I'm working on a thesis about the cinematic representation of the Nanking
> massacre in Japan right now.
> I know there've been three movies produced and shown in China: Massacre in
> Nanjing (Luo Guanqun, 1987), Black Sun: The Nanjing Massacre (T.F. Mou,
> 1995) and Don't cry, Nanking (Wu Ziniu, 1995). What I'm interested in now is,
> if these films have been shown in Japan as well, and if so, how the
> reactions of the public, government etc. looked like and how the films were
> reviewed.
> I'm glad about any kind of information.
> Thanks a lot,
> Silke
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