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Aaron Gerow aaron.gerow
Wed Dec 20 09:48:33 EST 2006

> One idle question -- did Kishida think Sugimura was to left-wing or too
> right-wing (on leavving her acting troupe)?

I am not an expert on this, but while I think some of the many people 
who left the Bungakuza at the time (and those included people like 
Yamazaki Tsutomu (Tanpopo), Koyama Shigeru, and Nakaya Noboru, 
Kishida's former husband who died last month) were concerned about the 
troupe's turn to the left, most were critical of the dictatorial and 
often capricious leadership of Sugimura and the other troupe leaders. 
In return, Sugimura held a grudge and refused to work ever again with 
many of those who left.

Kishida was a truly unique presence on the Japanese stage and screen, 
with an "un-star-like" face that helped her do a variety of roles.

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