Question about Kinoshita's Rikugun

Michael Yagi mrtaka79
Thu Dec 28 02:33:41 EST 2006

Take me off the list please.
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2006 21:06:28 -0800From: peterbhigh2004 at yahoo.comTo: KineJapan at lists.acs.ohio-state.eduSubject: Re: Question about Kinoshita's Rikugunantoinette malone <maloneantoinette at> wrote:        Thus, I'm afraid my first post is to ask a question.  I am currently watching Kinoshita's Rikugun and puzzling over the scene in which Tanaka Kinuyo, whilst washing out her yard, breaks down.  She sits down and repeats a mantra under her breath.  Each line begins with "gunjin wa.." and ends with "hitotsu".  From what I can make out it is a list of goals for the Japanese mother in order to produce a "rippana gunjin".        ============  It is (Emperor Meiji's) Imperial Rescript for Soldiers (colloquially known as the Gunjin Chikugo).   The "hitotsu" does not END a sentence, it is used to indicate the beginning of each article (of the Rescript, in
 this case). The term is used in pledges (or announcements of prohibition).  PB High __________________________________________________Do You Yahoo!?Tired of spam?  Yahoo! Mail has the best spam protection around 
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