Kurosawa Kiyoshi's contact

Aaron Gerow aaron.gerow
Sun Dec 10 20:24:28 EST 2006

Luckily, that contact information is for Twins Japan, the production 
company that has produced some of Kurosawa's work. That information is 
already public and thus is OK to post on KineJapan. If anyone needs to 
contact Kurosawa-san (or any other director or artist), you can always 
try the e-mail address of the company that has produced their works. 
Sometimes they don't forward the mail, but most of the time they do.

However, although I don't think Mathieu intended anything wrong, I 
might as well use this occasion to remind members of what should be 
basic net etiquette on KineJapan and elsewhere: please respect privacy 
and do not post to the list contact information of individuals that you 
know to be private addresses or numbers. If you're not sure if it is 
private or not, please try to check before posting (i.e., do a web 
search on the mail address, etc.). We should all be careful when 
handling such private information, especially for famous people like 
film directors. Some directors might not mind their mail address 
appearing on the net (some maintain web sites), but you should always 
check with them before making such info public (I always check with the 
director before even giving out an e-mail address privately to a 

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