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Pete wrote:

> Can anyone recommend
> any books (in English or German) on Naruse (assuming
> that any exist)?
> Thank you
> Pete

Well, we're all waiting for Catherine Russell's book on Naruse. Also 
take a look at Mitsuyo Wada-Marciano's dissertation. Susanne Schermann, 
a fellow Kinema Clubber, is one of the experts on Naruse. I know of an 
article in German (see below), but perhaps she can tell us if she's 
published more in her native tongue.

By the way, when you're on this kind of citation hunt be sure to check 
out the Kinema Club Bibliography.  It's been neglected, but before it 
went into hibernation it accumulated a significant number of entries. 
Here is what comes up for Naruse.

(We really should keep this up, don't you think?)


PS: There are some short, but nice, notes in the Ontario Cinemateque's 
program for their Naruse retrospective.


Kinema Club Presents

The Japanese Moving Image Bibliography
  Title : "Der Stummfilme von Naruse Mikio: Shochiku-Kamata,1930-1934"
  Author : Susanne Schermann
  Journal or Edited Volume Title : Iconics
  Date : 2 (1992): 75-97.

  Title : "Die eigenartige Faszination des Regisseurs Naruse Mikio 
  Author : Susanne Schermann
  Journal or Edited Volume Title : Iconics
  Key Words : Naruse Mikio, Shochiku Kamata
  Language : German
  Date : 4 (1998), 125-143.

  Title : "Japanese Film and Women: The Words of Mizoguchi Kenji and 
Naruse Mikio"
  Author : Kamimura Masako
  Journal or Edited Volume Title : Review of Japanese Culture and Society
  Annotation :
Discusses the representations of strong women in the films of Naruse 
and Mizoguchi, mostly in terms of narrative description. The journal is 
published by the Center for Inter-Cultural Studies and Education at 
Josai University.

  Reviewer : Abe' Mark Nornes
  Language : English
  Date : 8 (December 1996): 28-32.
  Subject Heading :

  Title : "Mikio Naruse. Chronist des einfachen lebens"
  Author : Jaeggi Urs.
  Journal or Edited Volume Title : Zoom
  Key Words : Naruse Mikio
  Date : 19 (October 1983): 2-6.

  Title : "The Essential Naruse"
  Author : Audie Bock
  Journal or Edited Volume Title : Mikio Naruse: A Master of the 
Japanese Cinema
  Imprint : (Chicago: Chicago Film Center, 1984), 3-7.

  Title : "The Suffering Heroine: Women in the Films of Mizoguchi Kenji, 
Naruse Mikio, and Ozu Yasujiro"
  Author : Joanne Bernardi
  Journal or Edited Volume Title : Journal of the College of Liberal 
Arts and Sciences (Ibaraki University)
  Key Words : women, Mizoguchi Kenji, Naruse Mikio, Ozu Yasujiro
  Date : 20 (1988): 105-120.

  Title : A critical dictionary,, London, Secker & Warburg, 1980
  Author : Roud, Richard (ed. by),
  Imprint : No?l Burch, Akira Kurosawa, Nagisa Oshima and Japanese 
Cinema in the 60's; John Gillett, Kon Ichikawa, Teinosuke Kinugasa; 
Donald Richie, Mikio Naruse, Yasujiro Ozu

  Title : Mikio Naruse et l'agencement des ?motions,
  Author : Niogret, Hubert.
  Journal or Edited Volume Title : Positif
  Imprint : 275 (January1984): 12-18

  Title : Mikio Naruse,
  Author : Tessier, Max and Mizuki Yoko,
  Journal or Edited Volume Title : La Revue du Cinema
  Imprint : (391,February 1984): 61-70

  Title : Mikio Naruse, le quatri鑪e grand
  Author : Louella Interim
  Journal or Edited Volume Title : Cahiers du Cin駑a
  Key Words : Naruse Mikio
  Language : French
  Date : 344 (February 1983): 6-11.

  Title : Sereno splendor de Naruse,
  Author : Marias, Iguel.
  Journal or Edited Volume Title : Casablanca
  Imprint : 39 (March 1984): 46-48

  Title : 成瀬巳喜男 : 透きとおるメロドラマの波光よ
  Author : 田中真澄[ほか]編
  Key Words : Naruse Mikio
  Language : Japanese
  Imprint : フィルムアート社, 1995.

  Title : 成瀬巳喜男の設計 : 美術監督は回想する
  Author : 中古智, 蓮実重彦
  Key Words : Naruse Mikio
  Language : Japanese
  Imprint : 筑摩書房, 1990. -- (リュミエール叢書 ; 7).
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