Eigei Best Ten Worst Ten 2005

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As long as we're on the subject of Best Tens -- here's mine for The Japan


Six of the Eiga Geijutsu Best Ten films -- Linda Linda Linda, Patchigi,
Kuchu teien, Unmei ja nai hito, Sekai no owari and 17-sai no fukei: shonen
wa nani o mita no ka -- are also on my list. I wonder if Germania no Yoru,
which led my list, will also be one of Eiga Geijutsu's Best Ten next year?
It may be one of the Worst Ten as well!

I also notice there is little overlap between the mostly mainstream films
picked by the so-called "major" awards and the films on the Eiga Geijutsu
Best Ten list. Not totally unexpected, but against the trend of US awards,
even the Oscars, to honor indie films over "prestige" studio titles.

Mark Schilling
schill at gol.com

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> The results for the best and worst ten of the year decided by a poll of
> critics for the Eiga Geijutsu magazine are in (I was one of those
> polled):
> Best
> 1) Linda Linda Linda
> 2) Patchigi
> 3) Dokushosuru hi
> 4) Kanariya
> 5) Kuchu teien
> 6) Lakeside Murder Case
> 7) Unmei ja nai hito
> 8) Hibi
> 9) Sekai no owari
> 10) 17-sai no fukei: shonen wa nani o mita no ka
> Worst
> 1) Always: Sanchome no yuhi
> 2) Operetta tanuki goten
> 2) Takeshis'
> 2) Lorelai
> 5) Mata no hi no chika
> 6) Kita no reinen
> 6) Yogisha Muroi Shinji
> 8) Nana
> 9) Tetsujin 28-go
> 10) Ashurajo no hitomi
> The Eigei poll is always a bit different, especially since it has a
> worst ten and votes for the worst ten are subtracted for those for the
> best ten. "Always," for instance, is getting a few of the more
> conventional awards, but Eigei voters tend to dislike conventional
> sentimental movies. The big commercial hits like Nana and Muroi also
> took a drubbing, but it was interesting to see Takeshi and Seijun get
> hit too. On the best side, the list is fairly predictable, given that
> most of these are directors Eigei tends to like and support.
> The poll results and the comments by those polled will appear in issue
> 414, on sale January 30th.
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