Tokyo International Film Festival Film Market (TIFCOM2004)

Mark Nornes amnornes at
Thu Jan 19 14:17:52 EST 2006

I've been asked to respond to a panel at our business school. It's  
about the content business, and one of the panelists is from METI. In  
part of his presentation it seems he'll point to TIFCOM as a great  
success (based mostly on the numbers :

Outline of Fiscal 2004
Location: Roppongi Hills
No. of Exhibitors: 86 companies
(27 of which were Asian: 10 Korean, 10 Chinese, 5 Hong Kong, 1 Thai,  
and 1 Indian)
No. of Visitors: 4,537
No. of Business Talks: 1,110

Outline of Fiscal 2005
Location: Roppongi Hills
No. of Exhibitors: 131
(53 of which are Asian: 13 Korean, 6 Chinese, 8 Hong Kong, 8  
Taiwanese, 4 Thai, 1 Indian, 3 Indonesian, and 10 Malaysian)
No. of Visitors: 8,176

My impression from the trades is that this has been a great failure.  
Any comments from people in the know? Mark?!?!?

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