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That's an exceptionally harsh judgement, both about the other directors and Showtime. Garris himself seems to have no problem with the quality of Miike's contribution, and it doesn't sound too far-fetched to suggest that Showtime felt it was too extreme.
  If you don't mind me asking, which are Miike's fantastic horror films?
jerry turner <dr_pluto at yahoo.com> wrote:
  Yeah, I guess Miike, a man who has made a dozen or so
fantastic horror 
films, isn't up to the standards of a John Landis who
has never done 
anything worth a crap or Tobe Hooper, a guy who's
first film was good. . 
.. 30 years ago. Miike was the token non white anyway.
.. .

Aaron Gerow wrote:

> Dave Kehr reports in today's New York times that
Miike Takashi's 
> contribution to the pay-cable channel Showtime's
"Master of Horror" 
> series has been cut.
> The episode has been made, but it did not fit
Showtime's standards for 
> broadcast, so it will be released directly to DVD.
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