Yawarakai seikatsu Japanese theater premiere

Jason Gray loaded_films at yahoo.co.jp
Fri Jan 20 07:05:44 EST 2006


I asked Hiroki-kantoku and he said summer -- and looking
around the the web, "shoka" (early summer) seems to be the
confirmed window. It's being distributed by Shochiku,
though it isn't listed on their release sked yet.

It also has another festival screening in February, at the
Jumonji Cinema Festival in Akita-ken. 


Great film, I thought.

Jason Gray

--- Eija Margit Niskanen <emniskanen at wisc.edu> からのメ
> Does anyone have any knowledge when Ryuichi Hiroki's
> Yawarakai 
> seikatsu/It's Only Talk, will be in theaters in
> Japan?
> Eija

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