Miike's Masters of Horror

Silvia Groniewicz Silvia.Groniewicz at univie.ac.at
Sat Jan 21 10:51:22 EST 2006


I found this on the net just now and thought it was already voiced I 
thought it would be nice to actually have it in print:

There's been some chatter at tvbarn2 about the "Masters of Horror" episode 
that was cancelled by the network. People want some details on it. Well, 
here's the gory story, straight from yesterday's session with Bob 
Greenblatt of Showtime:

QUESTION: In front. I wonder if you could talk about the episode of 
"Masters of Horror" directed by Takashi Miike that you guys have apparently 
withdrawn as unsuitable for even premium cable viewers.

ROBERT GREENBLATT: Sure. Yeah. I don't know if people know him as a 
filmmaker, but he tends to make films that are really extreme in terms of 
their visual depiction of torture and violence. And the episode came out 
just really, really strong. And rather than try to figure out how to cut it 
and make it work for us, we decided it's probably better not to butcher 
Takashi's vision and, instead, not air it, and they'll put it out on DVD.

QUESTION: Was this not foreseeable?

ROBERT GREENBLATT: You know, we sort of said, "Let's see. Let's see how 
edgy it gets and how extreme he wants to go." And we kind of gave him the 
freedom to film it, and then we decided to take a look at it and evaluate 
it after the fact.

I must agree that I'd rather see an uncut version on DVD then a butchered 
one on TV. Seems it didn't come as unexpected either.


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