Articles/work on modern Japanese horror

Jim Harper jimharper666
Fri Jan 13 17:44:52 EST 2006

Hello KineJapaners,
  There has been quite a few requests for help with articles and sources, so I apologize for sending another one!
  Does anybody know where I can find articles or books covering Japanese horror in the 1980s? A reasonable amount has been written about the developments of the past decade or so, but the eighties seem to have been shortchanged somewhat. I already have Jack Hunter's Eros in Hell, Stuart Galbraith's Japanese Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films, Pete Tomb's Mondo Macabro, Patrick Macias' Tokyoscope. Jay McRoy's Japanese Horror Cinema and Thomas Weisser's Essential Handbooks. Is anyone aware of any articles or texts that cover this genre/period?
  Thanks for your time!
  Jim Harper.
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