AW: Japanese Films for Children

Roland Domenig roland.domenig
Tue Jan 17 08:29:26 EST 2006

> I am trying to locate recent Japanese feature-length films
> made for children or teenage audiences.

There are several films produced every year for a young audience beside Anime,
However, most of them find little attention outside of Japan.
You could start with the following films:

B?b? Yoshino (Barber Yoshino) by Ogigami Naoko (2003)
Hotaru no hoshi (Fireflies: River if Light) by Sugawara Hiroshi (2003)
Niwatori wa hadashi (Barefoot Chicken) by Morisaki Azuma (2003) 
Kiky? (Going Home) by Hagiuda K?ji (2004)
F?on (The Crying Wind) by Higashi Y?ichi (2004)
Kikansha sensei (Locomotive Teacher) by Hiroko Ry?ichi (2004) 
Quill by Sai Yoichi (2004)
Hinokio - Intergalactiv Love by Akiyama Takahiko (2005)
Hoshi no natta sh?nen (Shining Boy & Little Randy) by Kawage Shunsaku (2005)
Kogitsune Heren (Helen, the little fox) by K?no Keita (2005)
Shichinin no tomurai (The Innocent Seven) by Dangan (2005)
Sora o tonda Otchi by Sawamura Masaki (2005) 
Tatsu d?butsu monogatari (Standup Animal) by Ueno Keisuke (2005)

Roland Domenig
Institute of East Asian Studies
Vienna University

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