sound familiar? SYBIL.THORNTON
Wed Jan 18 17:26:38 EST 2006


A period film?  Sounds like the end of Samurai I, or _Miyamoto Musashi_, 
directed by Inagaki Hiroshi.


Quoting Chuck Stephens <cougar71 at>:

> A reader sent this query to Film Comment. The film sounds vaguely 
> familiar but I can't name it. Anyone here know it?
> Thanks
> CS
> To: <editor at>
> Subject: Japanese film
> Attention Mr. Chuck Stephens:
> I read your article on Japanese film in the September/October 2005 
> issue and thought you may be able to help identify a Japanese film I 
> saw long ago and want to find its name and/or director.
> I believe I saw it in New York City in the 50's, but it could have 
> been California in the 60's!???  The  story was about a man from a 
> well-to-do family who wanted very badly to go off to a current local 
> war and did so.  His family strongly opposed his wishes and kidnapped 
> him off the battle field(?) and locked him in an attic filled with 
> philosophical books.  Years later he comes out of the attic a very 
> changed and peaceful man.
> Any help you can provide would be gratefully appreciated.  

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