Japanese film line up for Rotterdam ff.

tanaka taro tarouttt
Fri Jan 20 03:35:57 EST 2006

There's actually a lot more (thanks to Geert van Bremen for going through 
the entire list of films on the site):
First of all there is a special focus on Nagasaki Shun'ichi. More than a 
dozen of his films will be shown, including plenty of his early eighties 
stuff, which I don't think has ever been shown outside Japan (at least no 
subtitles were available for "Lonely Hearts Club Band in September" and 
"After That", both 1982. In fact Nagasaki had to write out the dialogues 
last December, so that [electronic] subtitles could be made. Whether this 
was because the original scripts got lost or because they never existed, 
I'll have to ask him next week). 
Nagasaki, much like Somai Shinji, is a director that has never gotten much 
attention outside of Japan, but has been an important figure in the 
development of the independent scene during the eighties, from which all 
those much talked about directors in the nineties emerged.

Other Japanese feature films (besides the ones Stefan already mentioned) in 
Rotterdam are:
- Analife (Goda Kenji)
- Bambi (Heart) Bone (Shibutani Noriko)
- The First Emperor (Hara Masato)
- The Great Yokai War (Miike Takashi)
- Haze (Tsukamoto Shin'ya, not a full length feature film of course)
- Linda Linda Linda (Yamashita Nobuhiro)
- Princess Raccoon (Suzuki Seijun)
- Takeshis' (Kitano Takeshi)
- Yaji and Kita, The Midnight Pilgrims (Kudo Kankuro)

As usual there are plenty of shorts too, for those who haven't gotten their 
fill with all of the above...
Luk Van Haute

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>Subject: Japanese film line up for Rotterdam ff.
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>It seems to be a nice selection this year at the Rotterdam Filmfestival. I 
haven't read anything about Kumakiri?s "Green Mind, Metal Bats"... looking 
forward to see it.
>Unfortunately these are only the premieres, as there was no way to look up 
all japanese films at the official website (at least i haven't found one). 
If somebody can update this list, then please do so.
>Stefan Nutz
>Green Mind, Metal Bats Kumakiri Kazuyoshi (Japan)
>The Lost Hum Hirosue Hiromasa (Japan)
>Clear People Ohuchi Shingo (Japan)
>The Lonely Hearts Club Band in September Nagasaki Shunichi (Japan)
>Ski Jumping Pairs - Road to Torino 2006 Kobayashi Masaki, Mashima Riichiro 
>Heart, Beating in the Dark (new version)  Nagasaki Shunichi (Japan)
>It's Only Talk Hiroki Ryuichi (Japan)
>The Volatile Woman Kumakiri Kazuyoshi (Japan)

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