Nowhere to see a movie! drainer
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When I lived in Chiba there were many people who would drive down to Mobara 
(midway through Chiba in the east) in order to go to the theater there 
because of better movies, showtimes, and cheaper prices (women's discount). 
The funny thing about it is that my city was fortunate enough to have a 
theater. What a waste of money for the theater owners...  I didn't help the 
case much by just driving to Tokyo instead.


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> On 2006.1.25, at 01:18 ??, Wei Ting Jen wrote:
>> In my research on 1930s cinema, I came across an essay by a filmmaker who 
>> traveled to the countryside outside Tokyo and was hounded with complaints 
>> from the villagers. "We've heard all about these films, we want to see 
>> them but can't"; "News radio and shibai just dont cut it". He reports 
>> being in tears after listening to their pitiable state and witnessing 
>> their burning desire to watch movies (specifically in this case, to watch 
>> war propaganda films).
> I was thinking the same then when I read the Maebashi article. In a number 
> of peculiar ways (the small number of film prints for many works, for 
> instance), post-studio system Japanese cinema seems like a repeat of the 
> prewar. The metropolitan concentration of movie theaters is another 
> element of similarity.
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