Question about Japanese titles...

Jason Gray loaded_films at
Mon Jul 31 12:16:05 EDT 2006

I asked this question on a Japanese film blog, but they
weren't sure. Maybe Aaron or someone else can answer it.
It uses a couple examples from the current lineup of
Japanese films at Venice.


When titles are listed as「叫(さけび)」or 「蟲師(むし
し)」 for example, with the hiragana in parentheses, I
assume that indicates the furigana, but is it officially
part of the title in eirin and prodco records etc.? Never
quite been sure about that. 

Also, in the case of 「蟲師(むしし)」, I take it the
hiragana is there at all because the title is not a real
word and people might not know the yomikata, but in the
case of 
「叫(さけび)」, is it because they didn't include a び
 after 叫, which also might confuse readers? I guess it
was dropped for aesthetic reasons. Thanks.



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