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David Blair blair
Sat Jul 15 17:57:07 EDT 2006

hi Dean,

I have less experience with AIP than you, but from what I have seen I 
would tread lightly. The various parts of the "library" seem a swiss 
cheese of rights, difficult to make out correctly... for instance the 
mid 60's straight to tv stuff is all available, but movies made a few 
years before are not.  The famous example is "It Conquered the World" 
[-not- pd], and its remake, with same script, "Zontar" [pd].


Dean Lachiusa wrote:

> Dear Aaron and others concerned about copyright and public domain films,
> I've been reading your emails regarding the issue of public domain 
> films in Japan, and I too have had a difficult time getting solid 
> information regarding particular titles.
> I tried to contact *Kadokawa Herald Pictures, Inc. at 
> *info-licensing at 
> <Compose?To=info-licensing at> regarding the 
> license of two titles released in Japan by Daiei, and later released 
> in the USA by American International Pictures (AIP.)  I'm not sure if 
> I will get an answer, and like Aaron alluded to in a previous email, I 
> don't think that I will get results that will be helpful.
> Perhaps you can advise me to take another route?  I was thinking that 
> I should continue to (attempt) to find the AIP content 
> holders/copyright-owners, that is, if there is such a contact. 
> Problem is, according to Internet scuttlebug, these titles are public 
> domain -- but I have no way to verify if this is a legitimate claim.  
> And companies like RetroMedia and Alpha Video are selling DVD's, but 
> this only means that they are doing this (perhaps) without the 
> copyright owners knowledge.
> Oh yes, if you're interested in the titles that I am researching, here 
> is the info:
> Gamera vs Monster X  aka: Gamera tai Daimaju Jaiga (1970) 
> War of the Monsters  aka Daikaij kessen  Gamera tai
> Barugon (1966)
> Please feel free to share this message with those that may
> help,
> Kind Regards,
> Dean Lachiusa, email:  deanlach at



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