Shimazu's "Tonari no Yae-chan"

Michael E Kerpan kerpan
Sun Jul 23 19:48:01 EDT 2006

Recently I watched an unsubbed copy of Shimazu's "Tonari no Yae-chan" (Our 
Neighbor Miss Yae).  I was able to follow this most of the way through -- but 
(spoiler, perhaps) ....

..... right before the very end Yae's family has to move away.  My question is 
"why?". (Yae's older sister makes a play for Yae's sweetheart-neighbor -- and 
is rejected by him).  Then the neighbor and Yae go to see the neighbor's 
younger brother play in a big baseball game.  When the three get home, Yae's 
family has gotten a letter that seems to have bad news about her sister -- 
but why does this cause the family to move out?

By the way, this is an absolutely wonderful, totally enjoyable film -- the 
performances are excellent (especially that of Yumeko Aizone -- as Yae).

I know Mitsuyo Wada-Marciano has written about this film -- but I don't  have 
access to her article (which would probably answer my question -- and  which 
I'd like to read even if it didn't). ;~}


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