Japanese cinema in Kansai

Aaron Gerow gerowaaron
Tue Jul 25 20:51:23 EDT 2006

If you are in Kyoto, I still recommend Okochi Sanso, the former home of 
the great jidaigeki star Okochi Denjiro. It is a bit expensive (though 
tea and cakes are included), but it is a beautiful garden and one of 
the best views of Kyoto. There is also a small (TOO small) outdoor 
museum for him.


For archives, there are a lot of places, but the main ones are probably 
Toei's archive at Uzumasa and the Kyoto Bunka Hakubutsukan.

For graves, you should probably first go to Eigamura. I don't know if 
it is still there but they used to have a panel display on where all 
the famous people's graves were. I've been to Okochi, Bantsuma, Yoda, 
Mattchan, Kinugasa, Makino, etc. For some that are close together, Onoe 
Matsunosuke and Kinugasa are about 20 meters apart inside the 
Ritsumeikan campus, and the Makino family's graves are in Tojiin about 
500 meters south of that (the Ritsumeikan graveyard is technically part 
of Tojiin).

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