Japanese cinema in Kansai

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You should definitely try and pay a visit to Tomioka and Yasui's Planet
Studyo + 1 cinema, especially now its moved to newer and bigger premises,
even boasting its own coffeeshop now!
Very friendly people, loyal clientele, and some of the most eclectic
programming ever. Last summer I caught a double bill of old Hollywood
musicals (FLYING DOWN TO RIO and YANKEE DOODLE DANDEE) followed by a day of
really weird Philipino stuff-  like this 70s musical-comedy that came across
like a cross between Tarantino and Sister Act. Wish I could remember the

Cinema map and details: www.alpha-net.ne.jp/users2/planet1/

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> If you are in Kyoto, I still recommend Okochi Sanso, the former home of
> the great jidaigeki star Okochi Denjiro. It is a bit expensive (though
> tea and cakes are included), but it is a beautiful garden and one of
> the best views of Kyoto. There is also a small (TOO small) outdoor
> museum for him.
> http://kyotocity.cool.ne.jp/niwa/ookouchi.htm
> For archives, there are a lot of places, but the main ones are probably
> Toei's archive at Uzumasa and the Kyoto Bunka Hakubutsukan.
> For graves, you should probably first go to Eigamura. I don't know if
> it is still there but they used to have a panel display on where all
> the famous people's graves were. I've been to Okochi, Bantsuma, Yoda,
> Mattchan, Kinugasa, Makino, etc. For some that are close together, Onoe
> Matsunosuke and Kinugasa are about 20 meters apart inside the
> Ritsumeikan campus, and the Makino family's graves are in Tojiin about
> 500 meters south of that (the Ritsumeikan graveyard is technically part
> of Tojiin).
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