Screening of "Eternally Yours" by Astushi Ogata, August 3, Tokyo

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  Screening of 'Eternally Yours,' August 3, Tokyo
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Film: Eternally Yours by Atsushi Ogata
Embassy of Sweden  <> , Tokyo, August 3, 18.30  

Please join us at the Embassy of Sweden for a special  screening of 
Yours, a short film by Atsushi Ogata. The film will be  shown on August 
3 at
18.30 and 20.30.  Doors open for the first screening  at 18.00. Details 
the film below. A ?Question and Answer? session with the  
will also be held. First come, first  served.

?Eternally Yours (Furochoju)?, a new short film by Atsushi Ogata,
video-artist and  scriptwriter-director-actor, will be screened for 50 
days  this
summer at the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial 2006 in Niigata,  Japan.

Ogata, internationally known for his award winning meditative  videos 
installations, and working primarily in Europe, has this time,  written,
directed, and produced a short new comedy, in collaboration with well  
known Japanese
film & TV actor Tooru Masuoka, Michie Ikeda of Theater Group  En, also 
for her roles in Mako Idemitsu?s feminist art videos, and Yuichi  
Nagata, the
renowned Director of Photography of such feature films as ?Water  Boys?.

The story takes place in the Japanese countryside of Niigata,  where 
an elderly lady lives alone. She becomes delighted when a man  comes to 
her house to deliver a golden package. She mistakes him for her  
friend, even though he?s a con-artist selling fake pills? The ensuing  
comedy of
wit between the two characters also plays upon social prejudice and
preconceptions about senior citizens.?This film was inspired by recent 
incidents  in
the Niigata Tokamachi region, the host of the Art Triennial, where, 
devastating earthquake and heavy snow storms, some con-men showed up 
among the
volunteer helpers, and tried to deceive senior citizens.

Shot in the  latest High-Definition format and subtitled in English, ?
Eternally Yours  (Furochoju)? will be played each day, throughout the 
day, at the
Echigo-Tsumari  Art Triennial 2006 from July 23rd through September 
10th. For
details: (03-3476-4360)

Atsushi Ogata is a video artist and  a writer-director-actor.  His 
works have
been presented at the Reina Sofia  Museum Madrid, the Stedelijk Museum
Amsterdam, MOMA New York Rockefeller  Center

Digital Video-Wall, the Venice Biennale ?93 ?Xenographia?, ICC  Tokyo, 
have won prizes at international festivals including Locarno  
Osnabrueck, and Oberhausen  (Germany).

Joachim Bergstrom  <>
Press counsellor
Embassy of  Sweden, TOKYO
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