Japanese Films in Berlin 1963-64

Christian Helwig christian
Mon Jul 3 02:25:00 EDT 2006


why don?t You ask the Berlinale-Team itself? They?re normally quite 
friendly. If there are any communication-problems coming up (which I 
wouldn?t expect) I am happy to ask them for You.

I think, these two maybe worth a try:

Kommunikation (Communications)
Leitung Anne Marburger
Tel. +49 ? 30 ? 259 20 ? 580
Fax +49 ? 30 ? 259 20 ? 539
communications at berlinale.de

Leitung/Pressesprecherin Frauke Greiner
Tel. +49 ? 30 ? 259 20 ? 737
Fax +49 ? 30 ? 259 20 ? 799
press at berlinale.de


Li Hoo Cheong wrote:

>Dear members
>The annual Berlin FF is currently held in February, but in the 1960s I
>recall that it was held either in June or July.  I am searching for the
>exact month when the following Japanese films won a prize back in 1963
>and 1964.  I saw the Imai film in Hong Kong back in 1963.
>1963  "Bushido zankoku monogatari" directed by Imai Tadashi won the
>Golden Bear
>1964  Hidari Sachiko won the Best Actress award for her performance in 2
>      "Nippon Konchikuki" and "Kanojo and kare"
>I checked the official web site of Berlin FF, but could not find the
>exact month.  Also, the entry for Hidari Sachiko appears twice, one for
>her first film and one for her second film.  If there
>were two actresses, they would be co-winners.  Since only Sachiko was
>involved, I wonder did she get two awards, or just one (Bear)?
>Checking the film magazines or film annuals back then would give me the
>answer, but I do not have access to them.  The 1960 "Eiga nenkan" cites
>July as the month for the 1959 Berlin Film Festival, and Sato Tadao's
>"Nihon eiga shi" gives June as the month for the 1963 Berlin FF.
>Any information on this will be much appreciated.  Thanks.
>H C Li

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