Japanese Cinema / Overseas Library Support Grant

Jonathan M Hall jmhall
Mon Jul 3 22:40:18 EDT 2006

Dear Colleagues,

I am really happy to announce to my J-film colleagues and friends that 
UC Irvine has been named a recipient of a Japan Foundation Overseas 
Library Support Grant for growth in the area of Japanese cinema, in 
particular avant-garde, independent, experimental, and colonial 
cinemas---areas in which UC Irvine has pronounced strengths in 
addition, of course, to its institutional focus on Asian cinema.  Since 
my arrival, the Library also has been especially active in securing 
some rare J-film-related materials.

Of course, I'm delighted personally at the generosity of the Japan 
Foundation, which, as we know from this list, is supporting Japanese 
film culture more and more these days, and I hope colleagues in 
Southern California and beyond will benefit from the collection in 
future years.  As a public university, the doors of our Library are 
fully open to all publics.  For copyright reasons, use of the film and 
video collection is limited, but access can be arranged. (Of course, 
the materials have not arrived yet ...)

I'd like to think that the Japan Foundation will support other 
institutions in attempts to develop their Japanese film studies 
collections.  I hope colleagues at other schools will suggest this 
program to their Libraries.

Yours sincerely,

  UC Irvine Libraries awarded prestigious Japan Foundation Grant

The UC Irvine Libraries have been awarded a prestigious grant by the 
Tokyo-based Japan Foundation under its overseas library support 
program. The Japan Foundation grant will allow the UCI Libraries to 
acquire a collection of Japanese film books valued at a total of 2 
million Yen (over $17,000 USD at current exchange rates). The books 
have been selected by acting Asian Studies Research Librarian Daniel 
Tsang, with the advice of Comparative Literature and Film & Media 
Studies Prof. Jonathan Hall, a specialist in Japanese cinema. The books 
feature material relating to the emerging research field of Japanese 
avant-garde, independent, experimental and colonial cinemas.

The grant enables the UCI Libraries to enhance their holdings in 
Japanese cinema, and for UCI to further build upon its growing 
reputation as a major scholarly center in the U.S. for the study of 
Asian cinema. Established in 1972 by special legislation in the 
Japanese Diet, the Japan Foundation became an Independent 
Administrative Institution in October 2003. The mission of the Japan 
Foundation is to promote international cultural exchange and mutual 
understanding between Japan and other countries.

Contact: Dan Tsang, Research Librarian for Asian Studies (Acting) at 
949 824-4978; email: dtsang at uci.edu.

Jonathan M. Hall
Japanese Film, Media, and Modern Literature
Assistant Professor, Comparative Literature / Film & Media Studies

320 Humanities Instructional Building
UC Irvine, Irvine CA 92697-2651 USA
office: 1-949-824-9778
fax: 1-949-824-1992
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