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Michael McCaskey mccaskem at georgetown.edu
Thu Jun 8 13:56:29 EDT 2006

Thank you for "Out"--the Japanese DVD version of the Hirayama Hideyuki looks interesting, but it seems only to be available 2nd hand--has the Japanese version been released in DVD form overseas anywhere?

Re "Eight Below," I generally wait for the DVD versions of films, too lazy to go out and watch them in theaters now, so I have put a reservation in for it when the DVD comes out.

You're correct, the description of "Eight Below" is:
"The Most Amazing Story Of Survival, Friendship, And Adventure Ever Told. 
Brutal cold forces two Antarctic explorers to leave their team of sled dogs behind as they fend for their survival." 

I believe this director, Kurahara, did another animal film in which at the end some of the animals die, maybe wolves or foxes?, which is judged to be inspiring by some people as well.

I appeciate the additional lead, and will look into getting Nankyoku monogatari on DVD.

With Thanks,

Michael McCaskey

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From: Aaron Gerow <gerowaaron at sbcglobal.net>
Date: Thursday, June 8, 2006 1:16 pm
Subject: Re: J-horror Inquirer article

> On 2006.6.8, at 01:09  PM, Michael McCaskey wrote:
> > Thank you again--you're helping me a lot. I did find that 
> there's one 
> > "nice" movie remake--"Eight Below," a movie about the Antarctic, 
> to be 
> > released in a few months, a remake of Kurahara's "Nankyoku" 
> (1983), 
> > which is available with subtitles as "Antarctica," but only on 
> VHS--I 
> > think both versions are supposed to be heartwarming.
> Actually, Eight Below was released in the US in February (the NYT, 
> I 
> think, called it "doggie porn"--that is, a film shamelessly 
> directed at 
> dog lovers). It was released in Japan in March using the same 
> title as 
> Kurahara's film: Nankyoku monogatari.
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